Committed to quality: the BSI Kitemark

2 May 2017

Something that we’re proud of here at Donwood, is having the BSI Kitemark. You’ll have seen the Kitemark in a whole variety of places and on many different products. You may have a general idea about what the icon stands for, but it’s hugely important for you as a customer so that you can make safer and better choices when purchasing.

What does having the BSI Kitemark mean?

The British Standards Institution (BSI) is the business standards company which focuses on supporting best practice and promoting excellence, and here’s what they have to say about their Kitemark:

“A BSI Kitemark gives a product or service immediate status – hard earned through rigorous tests at a BSI centre of excellence, or through rigorous assessments.”

The BSI Kitemark stands for quality, safety and trust. It’s a small, yet hugely important symbol that assures us all as consumers that the products and services we’re spending money on have been independently tested. Products which carry the standard have been assessed on a regular basis, consistently perform and meet quality standards.

Unsurprisingly, the Kitemark has been considered Great Britain’s premier mark of product quality for many years. Having this Kitemark shows which companies are committed and dedicated to improving their products and ensuring they have the customer’s best interests at the heart of what they do – helping to boost customer satisfaction.

Donwood Glass and the BSI Kitemark

When purchasing glass products from Donwood, you can rest assured that you’re receiving superior products that you and your customers can rely on to do the best job. That’s why we’re keen to make sure our customers know all about the BSI Kitemark, why we have it on our Insulated Glass Units and its meaning.

The BSI Kitemark means a lot to us and to you, our valued customer, demonstrating the high quality and service we always strive for.  We strive for these accreditations as it helps us to demonstrate the commitment to excellence that we are always looking to maintain. It helps act as a guide for us to continually improve and make sure each and every flat glass product we create is first-rate.

Our double glazed units for instance meet the BSI’s EN 1279 quality regulations, which test for markers of quality and safety, such as heat retention and radiation, operation and strength performance, weathertightness and durability.  Each unit is also guaranteed for 10 years. This way, when you’re looking for double glazed units, you can be confident that our glass products will help you to do a job you can be proud of and that will live up to and exceed expectations.

For over three decades, Donwood has been committed to delivering the highest quality products and services so you don’t have to compromise on the finish and delivery of your project – and this continue to be the case today with our BSI Kitemark.

If you want to know more about Donwood and our quality-assured products, please get in touch.